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Mama's home!

Leah came home from her convalescence at her parents' house this afternoon. We were all very glad to see her—the dogs most visibly. We kept them outside until she got herself established on the couch. I appreciated her the most at bedtime, when Elijah was yelling and throwing things and I didn't have to be the one to deal with him (or to be a bad parent by ignoring him and probably leaving the house, like I would have done had it happened the night before). And that wasn't the first time this evening that I tapped out, either! At the end of supper I wandered off, not because the kids were doing anything particularly bad, but just because they're so dang loud! I do love them, and often I enjoy being with them, but it's nice to get a break every little while. So welcome home, Mama! And single parents: props to you.

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