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egg consumption outpaces production

It's surprising to me lately how many eggs we eat. Our friends with a new flock of chickens just told me that their hens kept laying right through the solstice; ours do no such thing. While it's true that they kept up production a little bit longer than last time I complained about it, they closed up shop for the winter after the second week of December. I can't be too upset: we do live just down the road from a farm where we can get day-old cage-free eggs for under $3 a dozen. But we need so many! When our hens are laying I don't really notice: we get four or five a day, and use as many, so it was kind of like water from the tap. Now with having to go to the store it's like we're in bottled water mode, and I have to pay attention in case we're going to run out. So, say, I can't plan to make french toast for breakfast and a Spanish tortilla for supper on the same day. It's hard!

On the plus side, visiting the store is a delightful experience, and the kids can use the trip to buy candy. So, while I'm looking forward to the return of the light and the eggs, I bet they're fine with things the way they are!

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