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10K, 100% hurting

I ran a 10K on Sunday. That's 6.2 miles of fastness, for those of you who can't do math in Europe. Here are my results:

LEAH A--------D 51:33(total time) 8:18 (pace per mile)

This morning when i checked the results online, i was surprised to find that i had improved from last year, when i had, you know, trained up and stuff.

Last year:
LEAH BERNSTEIN 54:35(total time) 8:47 (pace per mile)

The big difference, however, is that while last year i felt healthy and full of life after the race, this year i feel completely broken and unable to take stairs without spreading my legs into a penguin walk. To the public, however, i refuse to let on. I still jogged this morning.

Because i'm CRAZY that's why!

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