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what a week!

I thought this week that the boys and I would have a chance to reset our schedule and get settled down to get some things done before the start of the school year. We've certainly put in some strong work—catching up on weeding and cleaning their room, plus rediscovering the regular daily chores—but it's been hard to stick to a schedule because we've had big outings every day of the week!

Monday we were invited to hike and play with friends we hadn't seen for a while. The playing was so much fun we didn't hike at all, just hung out in their yard for three or four hours. On Tuesday we went blueberry picking; I had promised never to go there again but when friends who we hadn't seen in even longer invited us I figured the chance to hang out with them was well worth the price. Correctly: we had a great time together! Plus got some blueberries that I still haven't found time to turn in to jam. On Wednesday we went to Rockport. On Thursday the boys spent the day at my parents' house, which let me do some brain work (including writing some blog posts!), but which didn't forward our work at home at all. And today we spent six and a half hours out on an epic bike-riding and playground-visiting tour of delight with friends (and then had more friends over to sit around the fire this evening!). So fun, and so tiring. I wonder how next week will go?

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