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on the hammock

We try and keep our house beautiful and comfortable within, and it often is, which is lovely. But sometimes it's too comfortable, and we miss opportunities to go outside. That's where the hammock comes in! The last few days Elijah and I have been enjoying it as a spot to share books; it's just lovely to be able to relax outside and enjoy peak flower season (especially if I can ignore peak weeds). Of course, the hammock isn't perfect: the dogs can't get in it, for one. Though maybe that's not an absolute negative, since this afternoon I'm not sure there would have been room for the two of them plus Elijah, me, and Zion. Also, as Lijah pointed out, hammocks lack cup-holders, which is definitely a drawback when you're just back from a summer bike ride. We had to make do with putting our giant glasses of ice water on the ground (where the dogs, just back themselves from a walk, were able to drink from them). And the worst thing is since I want the hammock to last, I try and take it in when it's going to be wet. With a 75% chance of rain for this evening I'm going to go do that in a moment. The trick then is to remember to put it back up when it's nice in the morning! Because I tend to forget about it as an option when it's away in the shed, and I don't want to miss a moment of beautiful summer hammocking!

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