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news for my mother

i got an e-mail from my mother this morning saying that she appreciated my blog posts to be updated on what i'm up to, and i thought "but only if i actually WRITE in the blog" because it seems i haven't done so for a while. Well, the excuse, if any is permissable, is that i have been working like non-stop, and when i wasn't i was concentrating on other non-blog related things exercizing and sleeping. but there have been a few interesting things in the past few days that i will relate in bullitin fashion:

* yesterday at the gym a guy fell from the climbing wall and his ankle made a popping noise. i was climbing at the wall next to him and i freaked out like the true girlscout i am and said "quick! elevate it right now!" and i went and got ice and compessed his ankle for the first 30 minutes after the accident. and i talked to him for a long time and he was quite nice and i think his ankle was much better because of the immediate attention. the people at the gym didn't do anything to help him. they so don't know what they're doing.

* i went to a french kickboxing class that was really fun. i want to buy some boxing gloves, because the loner ones are permanently soaked with sweat. kickboxing is like the opposite of yoga. i took one class of each yesterday, so i guess the net effect was like i did nothing.

* The store got in new spring colors, and they are really pretty, like sherbet colours, but the organizing of putting them all out on the floor is a nightmare. it was so messy in there today. it's like an ice-cream truck threw up on the pant-wall table.

*dan is teaching me about boat lingo. i learned what a fo'c'sle is. he told me some other stuff too, but i forgot.

*i bought a new dress yesterday at anthropology. the dress is very nice.

*i was so tired at work today so i drank coffee but then i kept finding that my hand was shaking when i took people's credit cards, and i don't think that would make a customer feel too secure.

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