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Leah's Xmas WishList

1) Grad School acceptance letter
2) The money to pay for Grad School.

No, seriously, for people who know me, here's my Christmas Wishlist, for real, in order of expensiveness:

1) (for Dan to buy) A Laptop Computer, with a windows operating system, and as i have already told Dan, IÌll be happy to pay for it, I just canÌt bring myself to pick the f-er out.

2)What i really want more than anything else in the material world:
the T-Mobile Sidekick II, Juicy Couture limited edition
This device is $400, available only online at, and someone can buy just the device, leaving me to pick out and pay for the phone service plan.
Did i mention it's pink?

3) 4) and 5) these can all be purchased at
3) Nike seamless winter training hoody $75 style#211712 size S/M color black or rose
4) Nike Heritage Graphic Pant $60, color white, style#250892 size Small
5) Nike Winter High Suede Boots $80 Style #311959 pink or white, size 7

hmmmm, i think that's all i can think of right now. I also want a new fridge and an elyptical trainer, but those are are more gifts to pray for, not ask for. (oh lord, won't-cha buy me a new fridge to replace the one that leaks heat and keeps breaking every time you open it up.)

On the upside, i have a lovely husband and a perfect puppy, and who could ask for anything more.

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