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how are my children like the young Alexander Hamilton?

Yesterday morning Elijah asked me if we were having potatoes with breakfast. No, I told him. He asked what we were having and I said french toast. "What else?" he asked. When he heard it was just the french toast he wandered away looking disappointed. Standards are high around here! Despite the lack of potatoes yesterday it was kind of a busy baking day, actually; even if you don't count the french toast I made biscuits, wheat bread, sourdough bread, and brownies. And soup for supper. The biscuits also were not universally appreciated. During our school time with friends I said I was going to go make a snack and Harvey was excited for a second, then suspiciously inquired if it was going to be sourdough biscuits; clearly that's been our school snack too many times for his liking. Whether or not they were as exciting as everyone could want biscuits just out of the oven with butter and jam must have been fine, because five kids (six if you count the baby, who does actually eat now) finished them all in pretty short order. So I guess I'll just keep doing what I'm doing!

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