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blogging is like a full-time job!

I'm trying to get all the pictures together for my annual photo recap post, but I keep running into the problem of all the times this year when I left gaps in the record. If I hadn't intended to ever fill those gaps, it wouldn't matter at all; sometimes the blog here just isn't a priority and that's ok. But in February 2021 and again in November I had many half-finished posts that I fully intended—still intend, sometimes!—to finish at some point, and some of them include photos. Plus there's the last day of camping I never wrote about (failing to finish the camping write-up is actually a disappointing theme in this blog, actually). I've been filling in November the last couple days, and it's a lot of work—I see why I didn't manage to do it when it actually was November! Oh well, I'm sure it'll all be worth it some day.

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