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A note on poor sad Nick and Jess

I loved the Nick and Jessica show. loved it sooooo much i made Dan watch about a hundred episodes in order to trick him into thinking he loved it too. It was a good show because they were wholesome to watch: Nick and Jess, though uneducated and bypassing the necessities of common sense, were sweet, loving, and attentive to eachother.

Now that they are divorced, however, all has changed. No longer are they the oasis of marital sanity amidst the sea of hollywood promiscuity, the glimmering hope amidst America's worshiped pantheon that monogomy is both satisfying and profitable. Jessica will date skeezy players, Nick will judge wet t-shirt contests, they will revel in becoming part of the "scene" like everyone else, and we will quickly get fed up with them, just like we're fed up with everyone else: Brad, Angie, Kirsten with the ugly teeth, MK, and yes even you Lindsay, i'm sick of you all being self-centered prats; skeezing around with every greecy TV upcomer; it's no longer (here comes the most important word in the entire state of California) ENTERTAINING.

I'm no prude, but these people are my default peers and idols. I'm tired of them getting snobbier and snobbier, sluttier and sluttier. What is this, the 80s? Can't ANYONE think 15minutes into the future? I'm tired of you this second, just like i'm tired of my hair extensions. Sorry, DIVORCE! I'm really big this season... I need a lover who's got a pilot out.

(Ok, i give in. i did watch that thing on PBS. Maybe it's not them; maybe i'm just getting too old for this.)

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