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almost twos-day

The morning when I wrote the date on the chalkboard—which I do so that every time the boys ask me the date I can tell them to look at the chalkboard—I was delighted to note that today's date is all twos! But when I shared my joy Harvey very correctly pointed out that, to really be a proper Twos-day, it should have fallen on a Tuesday. Of course! Why hadn't I thought of that? Then, instead of doing his journal writing like he was supposed to he calculated that February 22, with even more twos, is in fact going to be a Tuesday. Thrilling! So we'll be celebrating, somehow.

Of course, looking at the internet reveals that countless other people have noticed this wonderful confluence of twos. But we noticed it independently! And it'll be nice to be observing it with people all over the world. I wonder what you bake for a Twos-day?

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