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blah blah blah blah blah

Doesn't Dan write on this blog anymore?

I'm so sick of reading my own posts.

I'm so sick of listening to myself complain complain complain... I bet everyone else is sick of listening to it too. OMG, is this the second stage of major depression? Self-loathing? When i can't stand to be in my own presence anymore? Well hurray, at least we're getting somewhere.

No seriously, i'm like a complaining fountain. WORK SUCKS, MONEY SUCKS, LIFE SUCKS... blah blah blah blah blah. Put a cork in it already, wouldya? NO ONE CARES! If you hate your life, leah, it is because you yourself are completely retarded, mrs i have everything i could ever want la di da but i'm still miserable why won't anybody listen to me where is Paris Hilton when i need her she can understand my pain.

I read the other day about frontal labotomies. Sometimes they cause brain hemorages and death, but otherwise you come out WICKED ZEN! If my brain is broken and is the root of all my suffering (OMG, Budhist anyone?) then tear it out "better to walk around like a vegetable than to go to hell with a full frontal lobe" or something like that. OMG, has someone been reading the bible? That reaks of "trying." If i were God i would totally be bored with me already. I mean with leah, not God. Arrgh! confusing pronouns!!! I'll never get into school if i forget everything i learned for the GMATS!!!!!

Why so manic today Leah, did you drink coffee? No, just trying to figure out my life when faced with the bleakness of an uncertain future and the holiday season. Blast you sidekick for eating up all my gift money! When i drop dead from randomn stress-induced brain hemorage, i want to be burried with you to see if i can get service from the grave. What? Out of area? Curse you T-Mobile!

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