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garden summer

Summer has begun in the garden. Studying the forecast, I decided on Monday that we wouldn't have any more frosts this year. So now I get to plant out all the seedlings that have been crowding up the house since February!

lots of seedlings on the porch

they look ready for some dirt

Well, there were only a few back in February, and they were little. But over the past few weeks there's been lots of back and forth from tables inside to different spots outside, with varying levels of sun and wind, as we worked to get seven or so trays hardened off and ready for life in the garden. The tomatoes were the first to go in, yesterday evening when I finally had a moment after a long day of learning and boating. The smell of the salt marsh hay mulch with is the best. Summery.

baby tomato plants mulched with marsh hay

lots of growing to do

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