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doing things all the time

Every little while I have to write about being overwhelmed. Because I often am. Right now it's feeling like we do so many awesome things, but as awesome as they are they don't leave time either for relaxation or for getting things done around the house. And then when I am home with time to do things I'm either too exhausted or too... well, overwhelmed to be really effective. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we do school with friends in the mornings; Wednesday and Friday at other people's houses. Monday afternoon is Backyard Farm Club, and Wednesday afternoon is Park Day (on Wednesdays we're usually out of the house from 8:30 to 5). Thursdays the boys go to their grandparents' houses and I try and get my paid work done. Tuesdays are "open" to do outings or go to the library, but it's a real challenge to do both—and now the farmers market is started for the season so we try and get there at least every other week. Oh, and we still have our two regular group meetings, every Tuesday and Friday evening. Maybe other people do more than that, but it's feeling like a lot to me.

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