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fairly stressed

Maybe a month ago we were vaguely excited by the idea of the county fair at the end of August. The Middlesex County 4H Fair, to be exact, which we're now allowed—expected!—to show at, as members of a county 4H club. So we looked through the premium book and each kid picked out some things that they thought they'd like to show off. Then suddenly it was this week, and all those things need to be delivered to the fairground by 5:00 tomorrow evening. So as you can imagine there is some stress around our house, and I was perhaps not as kind as I could have been once or twice over the course of the day today. But things are coming together, and there weren't any actual tears, so I do believe it'll all feel like a positive experience in the end. Like with Christmas, we've made many promises over the last couple days that next year we'll start everything so early and have it all done in plenty of time. We'll see about that. At least we're saying "next year" instead of "never again", so you know it can't be completely horrible!

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