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the garden in early September

the garden on September 4

some growth, some death

We still have a garden. Blight is starting to damage the tomato plants, and nearly all of the sweet peppers have rotted. Inconsistent watering? No idea. We'll try again next year! On the other hand, I picked off all the gross woody beans and tossed them, and with even more watering we're starting to get some good ones again. And there was even one more cucumber! And even with the blight, we still have way more tomatoes than we can eat, and the hot peppers mostly aren't rotting. The new kale is good, too: the seedlings six or eight inches high, and we've had our first baby kale salad. There will be more to come, or else they won't have room to ever get big!

lots of young kale plants

netted against bunnies

red birds-eye peppers growing

just the right height for toddlers to pick and eat!

(By the way, I also belatedly put up the updates from early August and mid August. I had taken notes so they aren't completely made up...)

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