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the sound of learning

Every once and a while I wonder how our kids would do if they actually had to go to school. Probably fine, to be honest, though it might be challenging for them to concentrate and sit for what would be considered an age-appropriate length of time in that setting. And one of them would definitely suffer from too little alone time. But there is one issue that might be insurmountable: they really can't think without talking out loud. Whether it's Lijah reading to himself or Harvey working his way through cube roots of negative fractions (or something; 8th grade math is way beyond what I trained for) there is a lot of external processing happening in our house. Luckily, we have—just barely—enough space to make it work: Zion likes the couch, Harvey works at the kitchen table, and Elijah has to make do with what we sometimes call the schoolroom. And they're used to each other talking, since it happens so much. And really, I can't complain... it's actually pretty great listening to the sound of so much hard work!

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