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Toe Update

After four hours of hard-core tetris playing on my sidekick, i finally got a doctor who told me that my toe was not broken, only infected, and here are some anti-biotics for you now get the hell out of my emergency room you not-broken-toe loser.

Yes, the doctor was quite brisk, and i only could have hoped that the four hours sitting in the ER could have been as brisk as her thirteen seconds with me. When i told this to DR. Becky, my pre-med friend and daughter of two doctors and some other doctor step parents so she know her stuff, Dr. B said, "They just gave you antibiotics? Just like that? Did they culture your toe?!"
"No, the doctor didn't even touch it."

I too had been surprised with the simplicity of not-broken equaling infected, especially since antibiotics have some irritating side-effects, not least of which is making me fertile. Also, i seem to be sick today, with flu-like symptoms, which seems impossible considering I'M ON ANTIBIOTICS but anything can happen i guess in a world where my infected toe doesn't even deserve a culture, while it does deserve a hundred dollars co-pay worth of x-rays.

Almost makes you wanna be a homeopathic hippy. I said ALMOST.

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