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working hard

Sometimes it's a challenge to do work. Work is hard! And so often there are other things to think about—tasks we should be doing instead, or just would rather be doing. Which is too bad, because not only is there a lot of work that needs to happen to keep life going, finishing a hard task is actually pretty rewarding! That's why Backyard Farm Club is the best, especially when there's a pile of woodchips involved.

Our friends had one—a big one. Woodchips are free if you know who to ask, but for free woodchips you get what you get, and this time our friends got enough that they didn't have that much driveway left. So for two consecutive Mondays we gathered a crew over there for some focused shoveling and hauling. And surprisingly, we just about got it done yesterday! All the kids—and the grown-ups—worked pretty hard, and though some of us are better able to focus than others with lots of friends around, I'm proud of all the kids and what they were able to accomplish. It turns out a pile in front of you is a pretty concrete objective. Even better, they said that doing the work was the best part of the day! Now lets see if we can summon that same level of energy for the woodchip pile in our driveway...

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