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where's our vortex?!

The news is full of stories about the latest Polar Vortex and blizzards all over the country... everywhere but here. Instead, we had springlike temperatures and torrential rain! And lots of wind; at least that was a little bit stormy. But we'd really appreciate some snow. Even worse, the rain and wind cancelled our homeschool coop meeting this afternoon, and the threat of ice cancelled our church small group meeting this evening. If we're going to have to miss things, at least let it be for epic snowfall blanketing the roads! Well, at least the temperature is forecast to drop to 12°F overnight (from a high today of nearly 60°!), and it'll barely make it out of the 20s tomorrow. So if there's not going to be snow, at least we can expect some ice. Let's dig out those skates!

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