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moments from the year

Elijah on the muddy beach at sunset

Maine sunset

Here are some of the our top moments and images from the past year of 2022. I looked back though all the pictures we posted on this blog in the last year, and picked my favorites—for aesthetic reasons, because of how much fun the moment was, or to tell the story of the year. Sometimes all three! I limited myself to three photos for each month, which was really hard, because there were so many good moments. But you have to have some standards. Here's to lots more wonderful moments in 2023!


the boys and friends pausing at the top of a sledding hill at dusk

snow day is done

the boys and friends on glassy ice at Fawn Lake

the smoothest pond ice you'll ever see

Harvey and Zion putting the finishing touches on a two-foot-tall snowman on a frozen pond

he's little but plucky


Harvey sliding on the snow between rocks

just a small portion of the slide route

Zion, in shorts and bare feet, standing on pond ice in front of open water

almost spring time

Zion stretching across the finish line in a skating race with a friend

and it's Zion by a length!


a table full of watercolor paint and art

water color

Zion and Elijah walking on snow shirtless, Elijah barefoot

enjoying the air

Elijah and Zion wading deeply in Freeman Pond

that's what we do with water, right?!


Zion in the bow of the canoe heading towards the Park Day beach

sun on the beach

Zion and Elijah aiming muskets at a group of Redcoats fighting a battle

helping the Minutemen

Harvey and Zion riding on a singletrack path through a field

dirt under the tires


a ladyslipper, with Harvey and Lijah walking on the path beyond it

walking in May

kids jumping into a stream on the beach

into surprisingly deep water

Elijah and Zion drawing the chicks in their outside pen

chick school


Elijah upside-down, jumping off the sailboard

good thing he's learning how to swim!

Zion holding a big bouquet of wildflowers in front of a waterlily pond

midsummer child

Elijah picking strawberries in a weedy row

there's lots of good ones under those weeds


the boys swimming in Walden Pond

yay pond

the boys playing in the waves

wave action

Zion and Elijah wading in the water in Bar Harbor

Maine vacation


Zion and Elijah shucking corn on the back deck

aw, shucks

the boys and a friend on the shore of the Concord River

a visit to the the low river

Zion cutting up apples at the kitchen table, Elijah turning the press behind him

cider time


the boys walking through a misty field in long sleeves

September-type outing

Zion jumping off a rock into the ocean

rocks plus water equals joy

Elijah and Zion relaxing in the late-afternoon woods



Zion and Elijah on a rock outcropping on Mount Monadnock looking out into the distance

getting some altitude

Elijah dipping his head in the pond, Zion flinging water off his hair

the pond is still fun

Zion jumping into a pile of leaves

the annual ritual


the boys eating lunch on the gravelly beach by the Old North Bridge

lunch and history

Elijah running in a november-colored field wearing bright clothes

not camouflaged

Zion jumping from the top of a very big pile of woodchips

instead of a playground


Zion and Elijah sitting together on the gravel beach at Fawn Lake

playing by the pond

Zion licking up a handful of snow

first taste

our Christmas tree lit up in the dark

at almost Christmas

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