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moments from the year

the four of us posing on top of Sargent Mountain


Here are some of the our top moments and images from the past year of 2021. I limited myself to three photos for each month, which was really hard, because there were so many good moments... but for the rest you can just look through the archives. Here's to lots more wonderful moments in 2022!


the boys by the shore at Good Harbor beach under gray skies

perfect beach weather

our bubble school crew at the table with lots of dessert

back to school, with dessert

Elijah on the Old Res ice with Scout

another day, another ice adventure


the boys standing against the horizon on the sledding hill

the sledding horizon

red-cheeked Elijah clearing snow from his shirt cuffs in the living room

ready for some hot chocolate

the view from the top of the sledding hill down towards the airport

at the top of the hill


the boys walking in the snowy woods... Harvey wearing shorts

proper attire for spring walks

the boys pausing on their bikes on a snowy trail

accomplished adventurers

Zion and a friend sitting on a rock at the edge of a pond

private time at school


Zion jumping through the sprinkler in front of forsythia

it's above freezing!

Harvey riding in front of the rising sun

sunrise ride

the boys playing in the wind-whipped water of the Concord

a windy day at the river


the boys and a friend sitting on the edge of a bridge over a stream

pausing on a hike with friends

the boys in the chilly waters of Walden Pond

our pond!

Harvey playing with the dogs in the rain

these boys don't mind the rain


the boys walking towards the calm beach

we haven't done this in a while!

Zion paddling the canoe by himself, Harvey and Elijah swimming

he needs independence too

Zion and Elijah swimming in the pool on our deck

feeling no heat


Zion airborne jumping onto the slip-and-slide


Zion walking on rocks in a lake surrounded by mountains


Elijah standing at the water's edge at Sand Beach

we went to the beach


the boys eating ice cream in front of the Ice Cream Shop

you have to, on vacation!

Elijah sitting comfortably in a hole in the sand at Walden Pond

cool and comfortable at the beach

the boys sliding down a smooth rock into the water

water park


Zion and Harvey playing in the waves, Leah getting ready to join them

beach vacation

Elijah drawing with friends inside a sliding door, Zion painting out on a deck

back to school

the boys and a bunch of other kids playing tug of war on a pond beach

pondside park day fun


the boys and friends playing on a disconnected section of dock floating in a pond

dock transforms to boat

Harvey pausing on a bike ride on a trail passing tall grass

early fall trails

the boys in the canoe on the river in warm clothes

bundled up for the water


the boys wading through the ford (right next to the bridge)

they don't need that bridge

Elijah jumping over a stream on the beach

yay ocean!

the boys and friends making wreaths on the back deck

the annual project


Zion walking on a log over some cold mud by a pond

he'll never fall

the boys decorating the tree

getting ready

Harvey holding a lantern looking at the darkning west over an icy pond

bye sun, see you in a while

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