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X-mas Damage

The hospitals say that their Emergency Rooms are much more busy during the holidays... all those people falling of ladders trying to put up lights, not to mention the misadventures caused by too much eggnog... holidays are health disasters.

Well, our holiday was no different. Christmas day at my parents house, i went to borrow some balm for the stress-sore on the inside my lip. The little bottle in the top drawer looked like canker medicine, i swear! But when i dabbed some on my lip and it started burning, and burning, and BURNING!!! I thought, "i don't remember this stuff hurting so much," and that's when i turned over the bottle and read that it was not numbing medicine, but Wart Remover. I ran downstairs to tell Dan that i had just put salicilic acid on the inside of my mouth, and he was like, "Wash it out, you dumbass."

No, just kidding, Dan was actually very concerned over the acid-in-mouth incident, and he ran around trying to find the number for the hospital help-line while my parents just stared at me and said, "What's the matter with you?"

"It looked like the same bottle" I whined, while the entire left side of my mouth turned white and numb.

Oh well, nothing too horrible came of it, as it was decided by consensus vote that the acid couldn't possibly poison me from the inside of my mouth, and furthermore that's what i get for being an idiot.

The next evening, everything seemed to be going fine until i woke up at 11pm with shooting stomach pains, and then proceeded to throw up every hour until 6am. THIS IS NOT AN EXAGERATION: I THREW UP 8 TIMES!!!!! The quality of the vomiting, or lack there of, signaled not poisening but a severe flash case of stomach flu. Several times i was too weak to move from the bathroom floor and needed Dan to carry me back to bed. Then i gave up on moving altogether and made Dan bring me blankets in the hallway. I was absolutely sure i was dying.

The next day, i was not infact dying but sick with the flu, and i slept all day and also watched Mean Girls and three episodes of Buffy. Sometime in the afternoon Dan told me that i was getting better, because i had started communicating in words instead of groans and sobs.

This is apparently what it takes for me to get an extra day off for Christmas. The people need their jewelry, so i am at work today exhaused with a splitting headache.

On a happy note, i have pretty new boots and gloves, and lots of other pretty stuff too that people bought for me. And this is about as much typing i can manage today, so won't write them all.

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