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Today was the last day for the store. We had a big sign in the window that said ONE DAY LEFT!!!!! If you want people to come into your store and buy cheap things, you should put a big sign on the window that says GOING OUT OF BUSINESS SALE, ONE DAY LEFT!!!!! Then you should duck and cover. Seriously.

Unfortunately, Cyndi my helper d'extrordinaire had class today, which meant that i had to man the madness alone. At 2pm there were 15 people in the store all fighting for my attention, and when Dan called to ask what i wanted for dinner i picked up the phone by saying, "I'll give you 50 bucks to come down here right now and help me." Thank God for Dan, the most wonderful man in the universe, because he dropped everything he was doing and came running right away. (What he was doing was cleaning the house. I MARRIED HIM, SO YOU CAN'T HAVE HIM, SUCKER!)
Dan was very helpful; as soon as he came all the people cleared out, and i got a rest for an hour. Then he left and the place got busy again. That's-a showbiz!

Our poor jewelry was wheeled and dealed and tried and plied, and all told we took quite a pretty penny. All in all, during this three-week sale we've done over 22-grand, which is about 14% of our sales for the year, and 61% of sales for this fiscal year. We should have marked everything down earlier! Then i might still have a job!

Buy Buy store. It was a sad story of profit-loss and bank-break. I will miss the pretty jewelry. Not too much, though.

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