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olympic disappointments

Some parts of the Olympics--and more specifically the NBC coverage--are pretty disappointing. Tape delays in sports are never a good thing, especially when you accidentaly see the results online hours before the event is going to air; even worse is when broadcasters tape an event, cut out the runs of most of the participants or three-quarters of the race, and then present the commentary like things are running live and seamlessly. Dishonest, I call it! Also, it's hard to get excited about a race when you don't see the whole development and get a feel for how things are going. Hey NBC, your scheme for the whole Olympics is flawed: sports aren't supposed to have plot.

Less interesting sports so far: snowboard half-pipe, blowout hockey games (12-0? 16-0?!), figure skating (Leah likes that last one, though)

More interesting: speed-skating (short and long), downhill skiing, cross-country skiing (when they actually show it to us).

Finally, I'm oblidged to report that I was wrong about the snow: it snowed plenty. Feet and feet came down, mostly during the day today, though much of it also blew away in the high winds. We went out once for a good walk with the puppy, but other than that we stayed snug at home. It's clear out now, finally, and with the full moon and the new snow it's so bright out it looks like you could read by the moonlight. This is what we look for in a winter.

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