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De-store Detox

Today was my first day of "vacation" which is what i'm calling this period of unemployment. Monday and Tuesday i sat in my armchair all day and studied for midterms. I felt very non-vacationy yet ironically unproductive. Today, however, i only did about an hour of homework, and the rest of the day i did absolutely nothing productive. I took the dog for a log walk and then played with him outside for a good long while; you could almost see the life seaping back into me from the fresh air. i'm sure i turned rosy red from the walking cloud of gray i've been for the past few months. Now if only i can eat no food and spend absolutely no money on anything, i'll be all set. Yessir, vacation is going to be starvation awesome!!!

Here's a trick to avoid starvation when you're poor: go to a bridal shower! On Saturday i went to Becky's bridal shower, and boy was there ever some food to be had! I tell you, whenver i go to a party i act like i've never seen food before. Also there was wine, but we won't get into that. Anyway, the B-Showah was fun (if you think it's fun to watch someone open Crate and Barrel boxes for AN HOUR AND A HALF! I don't) and it was surprising to see many girls i had gone to high school with. Hours were spent gossiping about who's married and who's gay. Seems more people are gay than married at the moment, but Becky soon may tip the scales. Let's hope so!!! Homes, not Homos! Hahahahaha, that was my funny joke as if i was a conservative. Anyway, Becky is marrying a black guy, like i said, so she doesn't really count for conservative values. Oh Snap! She Said SIT DOWN!

Anyway, i'm livin la vida BROKE-a over here at casa-del-unemployment, but already i feel healthier and better slept. I slept till 8:30 this morning! Oh, the excess!!!


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