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Friday Un-Scandalous

Dan is afraid that i have a crush on one of my teachers, because i went to his office for extra help and then he took me to lunch. I tried to convey to Dan that the Babson Student Center, while sometimes serving excellent Pizza, is not any place that i would go on a date, let alone to seduce a man who has a 100% control over on my final grade!

Unfortunately, on this beautiful spring Friday in the school cafeteria, all the talk was of test-prep and the most exciting thing that happened was i drank a cup of Pepsi the size of my rib-cage. What happened to my beautiful affair with academics? Where i'd swoon over knowledge pouring forth like a cornucopia? I fear that all i'm learning is a list of buzzwords, and if i cannot leverage these methodologies into a feasible career structure, then i'm totally over it already.


I don't really think she has a crush on him... it's just that she talks about him all the time. She refers to him as 'Craig', too!

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