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the best of Good Friday

So everyone always makes the same joke about Good Friday, or else expresses the same sentiments in a non-humerous fashion: why is it called 'Good' Friday? I tell you what, guys, nobody has ever thought of that before! All these years the Christian church had the wrong name for the holiday, and nobody ever caught it! Good thing somebody finally noticed!

No really, there's a good reason it's Good Friday, and that's because without Good Friday there wouldn't be Easter. But you all knew that already.

Our Friday was all good, until we had to go to church. It's really amazing how quick the plants move once it gets warm enough for them to get going: today it seemed like we could watch them growing. The pretty white-flower tree we inherited with the house, especially: it had about twice as many flowers by the afternoon than it did this morning. Four times as many bees, too. In honor of all the growth we worked in the garden a little bit, and got rid of some more grass. The battle continues! Leah was nice enough to come help me; I'm so lucky to have her!

Then later we went to church. All I have to say about that is, somebody at our church needs to realize that lengthening the service does not creat a parallel increase in the intensity of the spiritual experience. Rather the reverse, in fact.

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