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what a difference a (rainy) day makes

Yesterday I was downtown bringing Leah dinner, and since I paid to put the car in the garage I stayed in town for a little while to make it worthwhile, and I walked around on the Promenade. There were about a million people out there. Today I didn't get outside all day, so when Leah got home from her evening activities I asked if she would take me out, and she did. And we went to the Promenade, and there were about ten people there. It being a Monday night instead of Sunday makes a difference, and so does that yesterday was balmy and beautiful, while today it's cold and alternately drizzling and pouring down rain.

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It was all good, though, because we didn't have to fight our way through crowds, and there was no one in most of the stores we went into (though sadly there were so few people in the Coffee Bean, where Leah wanted to buy a cookie, that the guy sweeping up had to call someone from the back to tell us that there were no vegan cookies to be had). We even got some personal shopping assistance in the Gap, where I was looking at things I might want for my birthday. The only place that was crowded was Barnes and Noble, where I took Leah to show her a great book of Japanese teen fashions I saw there yesterday. I wish more people around here wore stuff like that. That is, I wish they wore stuff like that if they could do it in a fun and lighthearted way, like the folks in the book (most of them anyways) seem to be doing, instead of the horrible pretensious wise that most Americans trying those sorts of fashions tend to display.

Now we're home, and despite that we wanted to be in bed by 9:30 today, are still awake. Leah is training again tomorrow, as she did today; and thus has to be at the store at seven in the morning, as she did this morning. So we'd better get sleeping soon!

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