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we can rebuild you

Leah is correct, Bami is back and (if you ask me) better than ever! Also we now have enough spare synthetic sheepskin to make an additional lamb or two, and the spare eyes as well. If only we had thought to save the stuffing from the countless other plush toys (fortunately all his own) that Rascal has sent to a grisly demise, we'd be all set. I suppose we also need some sort of pattern; does anyone have any idea what a sheep looks like when it's all flattened out? You may answer in the comments.


like a deflated balloon? I actually have no idea what a flattened sheep looks like. But I am very glad to knowt hat Bami survived Rascal's attack! Poor Bami :-) and on another note..your comment worked on my page! and no we do not have Get Fuzzy out here in Seattle...but it is my favorite east coast I checked it out online, very funny run last week!

We can rebuild him????
Ha ha ha. That's funny shit, Dan.
I wish i could have thought of that first.

That'd be awesome if you created a horde of zombie stuffed animals, cobbled together from the remains of past victims of Rascal's irrational stuffedanimalcide.


Eric, I confess I thought about it. There would of course be pictures.

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