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Poor sad Nick

I saw a bit of Nick Lachey's special "What's left of me" on MTV yesterday. It featured lots of shots of Nick sadly gazing off into the distance, pondering the interviewer's deep questions. Infact, i think they slowed down the tape to achieve maximum pausing potential.

"When I got married I thought, [pause, look longinly away] That was it, you know? I'm in it for life. Now that it's over, [pause, manly tears welling] I don't know if I'll ever find a person to love again."

Oooooooh, poor Nickypoo! Don't worry; a million 20-year-old girls will be happy to console you and make you chicken of the sea.

On a happier note, i got a new shower soap with Shea-butter in it, and everytime Dan sees it he's reminded of a lame joke a made about Nick doing well after his divorce and even endorsing beauty products. I wish something FUNNY i said had such sticking power. But what can you say about Shea-butter, anyway? It's a SHEAme it's not real butter?

No, still queer.

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