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BN and back again

Having had enough of doing a whole lot of time wasting in the pursuit of jobs this morning, i decided to get out of the house for a bit. I headed upstairs to let Dan know, "I'm going out to the mall and then to Barnes and Noble."
"How long are you going to be?" Dan asked, the usual question.
"Not too long," i said.
And then Dan said the three most wonderful words a husband can say, the most beautiful words in the English language, no other words could have made me so happy:
"Can I come?"

Getting Dan to come to the mall with me is like getting two cookies stuffed with ice cream. Which, by the way, is the BEST IDEA EVAR!!! Who came up with that, anyway? I mean, TWO cookies, stuffed with ICECREAM! Brilliant. Anyway, Dan as a mall partner not only makes an stupid outing into a fun DATE, plus he's the only one who gets my jokes about baby prostitutes... other mean girls, YOU know what i'm talking about.

So we hit up the old BM (Burlington Mall) and then crused into BN on the way back. Only problems with Barnes and Noble are that 1)there's a Starbucks there, which means seeeya five bucks, and 2)we sit down to glance at a book, and before you know it it's THREE HOURS LATER!!! Holy time-suck, batman! Before i knew it, Dan was dragging me out by my hair.

Why i got so caught up was that i was reading this new book about Burlesque by Marilyn Manson's wife, and by reading i mean looking at hundreds of nudie pictures. I hadn't even gotten to the bondage section when Dan made me leave. Why don't they have this kind of stuff at the public library?

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