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Thai food reprised: goooooooood.

To celebrate my very merry unbirthday (please God, say someone else reading this post has seen that movie as much as i did when i was 8, which was like ten-batrillion-times!) we went out to dinner with Dan's parents. Because our reservations were at 6h30, and Dan left for work at 3h30, i had only about two and a half hours to get ready for going out! Since i don't have a job or nothin, i decided to use just about all that time to the purpose of getting ready. So i did what any normal person would do who was getting their hair died the very next day; i put my hair in a billion braids.

A thinking person might have reasoned: Leah, you love braids, and they take a trillion hours. Why don't you braid your hair some time when you DON'T need to take them all out in 12 hours? Like i said, this would be a THINKING person's reasoning. I have always loved the look of braids, how they evoke the carefree spirit of Carribean vacation or that of being systematically repressed. Ahhh, innocence.

And all the time i was braiding my hair, all hour of it, i was thinking, "Gosh, tomorrow is my birthday, and i can keep these braids in my hair ALL DAY... And maybe even longer!" ... they'll just put the foil and hair dye AROUND the braids, and then the blond will come out in patterns! Yes folks, i DID make it to 25 this retarded. Well, three more hours yet, so let's not hedge our bets.

OMG You Guys, i'm totally gonna turn 25! I'm like gonna buy a lottery ticket, and cigarettes, and have sex with someone 16-years-or-older. Woohoo! Consenting adult sex! F-Yeah!

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