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Our own aspiring DJ Ayem

Late last night while we were all in bed...

Can i get a "Mrs. Oleary lit a lantern in the shed" from my peeps at Patriots trail Girl Scouting?

No? Okay then.

Late last night while we were in bed, there came a loud, no, deafening thumping of house music from deep somewhere in Bedford center. I sat up in bed with a start. Was it an alarm downstairs somewhere? Were our cars mysteriously producing sound? No, someone was throwing a PARTY!

Never have i heard such loud, nonstop, irritating music at the percise hour that i wished to fall asleep. There was nothing for it, no sleeping to be had. Who can sleep when you can hear EACH WORD and BACKBEAT of DJ AnnoYing 11pm. "Do you think i should call the police?" I asked Dan. But he said, "No" in a tone that implied he could NEVER be married to That Woman who calls in a noise complaint on the teenagers having a party.

Although i couldn't sleep a wink, i obstinately stayed in bed for the next two hours, hiding under my pillow grumbling under my breath. I could have read a book or watched TV or something, but then the Terrorists would already have won! Dan, it seems, does not have any trouble sleeping during a riot. But i lack a coed college background, and my sensitive ears are closer to my brain. I wasn't able to sleep after 1 in the morning, when the music finally stopped, and relief was sweeter than watching for that movie Waiting to Exhale to be over.

Unfortunately, it seemed the DJ was only taking a quick orgy break, because at 5am we heard the loud cry "GOOOOOD MORNING BEDFORD!!!" eminating from it seemed directly behind my head. Then he played that song from Bring It On, which starts with the words "Prepare for Total Domination" and also the theme from Chariots of Fire. I have never so much wanted to be dead.

While i layed in bed SOBBING, Dan managed to take the puppy out, clean the kitchen, and make banana bread. "I walked to the next street over," he said, "to see if the party was there. But the music just kept getting louder and louder. I think it might have been half-a-mile away!"


It's true. It's all true.

you mean you guys didn't go out with Rascal and join the party?

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