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itching to play outside

We've been stuck inside the last few days. It hasn't really been the rain that's the problem--we're so used to rain now that we don't even bother to put on kackets to go outside, unless it's coming down at better than an inch an hour--but the mosquitos which have, apparently, bred wildly in the copious puddles (ponds) which now dot the landscape. When I took Rascal out the other day he stuck his nose into a bush and disturbed about 100 of the little bloodsuckers. It was pretty disturbing, like something out of a horror movie. Moderately horrible, anyways. I've gotten about ten bits so far, in the past three or four days. Luckily I seem to have a resistance to the mosquito venom or whatever it is, because the bites don't bother me for more than a couple of minutes. Still, it's awful annoying to be constantly waving the wee beasties away from your face.

Rascal is suffering most from the situation: we're lazy and, in the rain at least, could happily stay inside for days, but he needs his exercise. He is also, sadly, unable to take any joy from the internet or tv. Poor dumb beast. For relief we sent him over to have a playdate with Loki and Pip, while we went furniture shopping at the great theme part for grown-ups that is Ikea. But I'm sure Leah will want to tell the story of that adventure and our new furniture, so I'll leave it to her.


So now that you're used to the rain, you could move to Seattle and feel right at home (especially since it doesn't rain as much as we let on) but minus the mosquitos...we don't really have a lot of those out here.

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