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Motivational sayings

Of all the wonderful words of wisdom i have learned from MTV over the years, my all-time favorite comes from an episode of MTV's MADE. Our unlikely pagent queen is facing the horrors of the Mystic Tan machinge, and her role-model elequantly coaches:
"Beauty is pain, and pain is weakness leaving the body!"

I love the hilarious and ironic pairing of these two sayings, so nonsensical and yet so true. After all, beauty IS pain, as anyone who has ever attempted to use a curling iron will know. Pain is weakness leaving the body is a bit more debatable, because muscle soreness after a hard workout sure does tell you that you're getting stronger, but anyone who has broken a bone will tell you that, on the ride to the hospital, pain is weakness ENTERING the body.

Still, while some beauty does infact make women weaker (foot binding and Botox for example), a little blow-dry and eye-shadow will only make one stronger in the business world. And when you're aching hard after Group Power class, a little self-coaching that this pain will make me beautiful and strong is not a terrible thing.

Anyway, I guess this little gem of wisdom managed to made it into my lexecon, at least enough to rub off on my spouse. When i complain about my hunger on this new diet, Dan says, "Hunger is fatness leaving the body."

This morning during my spin class the fans were non-operational and us three soldiers who managed to make it in at 6am were sweating like hogs. I mentioned to the woman next to me that "Sweat is calories leaving the body," and she replied, "I sure as s--- hopes so!"

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