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Wedding saga, part deux

So some people, like my parents of all people, objected to the fact that i left off halfway through the saga of Tom and Nelly's wedding. MY PARENTS WHO NEVER EVER READ THIS BLOG objected. It was the first time they read the blog, ever, last week, and they wanted the end of the story damnit!!! So here goes parents who aren't reading: the second half of the retelling of Tom and Nelly's wedding. Enjoy.

The bridesmaid dresses, i was about to explain, were in the style of africainne chic, with wood beads threaded into a backless halter top and a plunging neckline in front that left only a very small amount of my womanhood to the imagination. There was no place to put a bra under the two small triangles of folded silk. Instead, i purchased some of those Victoria's Secret pasties, you know, the ones that SAY they will support your breasts by some magic property of BEING STICKERS. With Dan half changed into his suit a very funny scene ensued in our dressing room.
"Honey, can you just hold my breast in place for a second? Up like this? No, like THIS!"
"Don't make them uneven!"
"Well you don't hold them uneven!"
In the end it took the application of not two but SIX pasties to form some semblance of protection which would prevent the entire church from spying my nipple. Also i hoped it would protect me from sweating through the silk, but that was a taller order seeing as it was about 90 degrees out and we're talking about stickers here.

Somehow we all managed to make it to the church in some semblance of elegance, and there us girls found Nelly in her elaborate gown being maquilled by two African maids who knew much more about dark makeup and curling irons than us two white women. Mostly i stood around waiting for the procession, while Dan ran around like mad doing Best Man things like telling the organist to FREAKING START PLAYING ALREADY, WE HAVE TO GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD, IT'S SMOLDERING IN HERE!!!

Dan and i lead off the wedding procession, being old pros at walking the aisle by this point! When we came to the front of the church, followed by the rest of the processional, our hard job was to set a good example for the other maids and men, reminding them to face Nelly when she came down the aisle and turn towards the alter when she got to the top. This gave us a good view of the crowd, which all started bawling when Nelly approached, on account of her crying herself. Come on y'all, they're already married! I guess the real church wedding was very moving for everyone involved. It felt more Godly, afterall, with that real church smell.

Tom and Nelly both delivered moving homemade vows, and all in all the ceremony was very lovely, if a little tiring for us folks who needed to remain standing and reverent the whole time. After the ceremony, we all took about a million pictures, or rather had a million pictures taken of us, which was probobly for the best because we all only had our formal attire on for a maximum of an hour. Right after pictures we went home and changed into appropriate attire for the reception: bathing suits and shorts.

The wedding reception was like a real African party, with the addition of two American kegs. They hosted us lakeside at the national park, where some people swam, some listened to music, some played soccer and kickball, and all ate and drank too much. The party lasted long into the evening: Dan and i arrived at noon and stayed till seven, but there were still festivities going on when we left: in fact they were just starting dinner. Everyone had a grand old time, especially Judy, who was glad to have it all done with and ready to sleep for a month straight.

My parent's criticism of this blog is that the entries go on too long, so i will not regail our readership with all the MANY OTHER HUMEROUS EVENTS THAT YOU ARE MISSING in this shortened retelling THANKS TO MY PARENTS. Suffice it to say that the wedding was wonderful fun, and Tom and Nelly sure do seem to be very much in love with each other. Which is good, because we can handle no more weddings in the Archibald family.


Sounds like it was an awesome party :-) And I want to hear the additional stories that were not posted in this blog so as to make it shorter for you parentals! I'll have to figure out a time to call you while I'm at work and not too overloaded. hmmm. Hope you and Dan are doing well!

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