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An unexpected package!

I am stretching on the living room floor as Dan opens a package he just received in the mail. He rushes to the DVD player and throws in a disk.
"This is something you have to see," he says.
"What is it?" I ask, "Something for school?"
"Just something you have to see now," he replies.

With great anticipation I wait for the DVD to start playing. As the main menu comes up I see a rotation of bizarrely familiar images: a historic house in concord, the Lexington monument, sites in Boston...
"Oh my goodness!" I laugh as familiar geekily grimaces pop up on the screen, "It's the video from the MacWorld conference!"

Yes, a year ago some of our friends from the internet, Eric and Tim, came to stay at our house for conferencing, site-seeing, and general laid-back vacationing. This was a repeat visit, following up on the previous year's conference when Tim and Eric stayed at our Arlington apartment. Conference II was more successful hosting-wise, in my opinion, since our new home is quite more spacious than our previous apartment, and our house gives me the invaluable ability to be on a different floor from the din created by Mario-kart. When they get together, Dan and these fellows have the uncanny ability to play Mario Kart for hundreds of hours on end. Or at least that is my perception.

Looking at the video, it seems they managed to find time to do many things non-Mario, such as play badminton with rakes and baseball-bats. After watching quite a long stretch of badminton variations, I began to ponder what other stupid/mildly amusing stunts go undocumented daily. That half-hour this morning I spent trying to pull hair-clumps our of Rascal's butt? Could be cinematic gold set to the right Cure song.

Anyway, we were not blessed with a visit this year, on account of there being no 2006 MacWorld conference. I found myself missing their visit this year, and not in small part because it allows Dan and me to show off our constant self up-grades. The first year we didn't have a house, the second year we had a house, but now we have a lot of nicer stuff in it, including a very sweet puppy who responds to commands in a manner which might be considered a trick. (On the other hand, puppy has caused house rugs to be dirtier, thus slight status downgrade.)
More importantly, however, it's nice to have people staying over who enjoy easy things like backyard badminton and pancake syrup made from corn. All our older friends have such extravagant tastes that it seems to cost us a hundred bucks every time we want to throw a dinner party!

In conclusion, thanks for the video Tim! One day when Iím old I will be glad to look back on myself demonstrating yoga poses in an athletic top entirely too small for me. Seriously, who thought I should wear that on camera?! My skin was waging war on two fronts! Also, I discovered that I look better with my hair up than down, and from the side my nose looks really really big, although Dan disagrees on the last point. I hope y'all come back and see us sometime soon.

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