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You fail NPR

There's a new show on NPR for the young and hip... apparently the young and hip stay home on Friday nights with their ears tuned to the radio at 9pm. I managed to catch the inaugural program while driving home from work, wherein the "animateur" used both the words "awesome" and "sucks" in the first ten minutes. Not that i had a problem with that sort or language, i'm no high-falutin acadamemenic. It's just that it smacks of effort. In her intro, the narrator said quote, "We're the new NPR show at your middleschool, and we want to sit at your lunch table and be your friend, and we promise we won't start to dress like you or date your brother." Common guys. In middle school you get beat up for trying so hard.

Quote of the show:
"At first I drank the Republican coolaid, but when the rubber hit the road in Iraq, I realized it was coolaid."
Rubber was coolaid? What? I am lost in your sea of your metaphors. Throw me a life-jacket Carl Kasell!!!


That show sounds horrid...and I'm sorry to hear about your foot! I hope it's healing fast!!

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