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All I want for Christmas...

Here it is, the big list of all my secret desires. Hopefully Santa is reading the blogs this year, because everyting I want is way too expensive for anyone I know to buy me. The most coveted item on my wish list really isnít here on my list, actually. What I really want is a roll-top desk, one that I can put in the corner of the kitchen to have a place for my computer and books that is not the same place people sometimes want to put plates of food. Since this is a perfect-match-to-our-kitchen type thing, though, I think this is a present that only my loving husband could pick out, and only if it exists. Everything else that I want, though, is on this list, so if you want to get me a present, expensive or moderately affordable, hereís the whole kit and caboodle. Enjoy my awesome taste!

Expensive things:

My first wish is for a video ipod to accompany my long hours at my new gym which unfortunately is not equipped with personal tv service. And even though wanting two similar gifts is really decadent, Iím also hoping for one of the new ipod shuffle because itís much lighter and cuter than my mini so better for running, if I ever get back on the road again.

One day Iíd like to get a new digital camera ñ one that is small and simple so that I can fit it in my pocket and take pictures of my cute puppy whenever he does something cute. I donít want the most expensive thing, just something really little, like the Cannon Sure Shot or smaller.

Medium priced things:

Iíve been eyeing this Penguin critter cardigan at JCrew. I even tried it on at the mall! I take a size medium.

This is a good gift, as well is anything from this store.

We also need a small radio for our kitchen so that I can listen to Marketplace while Dan uses the only household radio to listen to the baseball game.

Small priced things. I mean, inexpensive:
a martini set (shaker and glasses), as well as some wine glasses.

Also, I have a whole list of books and dvds on my Wish List at

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