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curious meteorological phenomena

I drove Leah to work today at around 1:00, and when we left the house the sun was shining bright above us. When we got downtown, by contrast, all was cloudy and gray, with the clouds so low even as to be obscuring the tops of some of the higher buildings--which in Santa Monica don't run to more than 15 stories, tops. I didn't give it much thought--I hadn't really been paying attention to the weather earlier, and while 10 minutes or so is a bit quick for clouds to come in, it's not unheard of--so it wasn't until I was driving home, about an hour later (I also took a walk), that I realized the extend of the strangeness.

And that was, the clouds were just over downtown! Now, that might not sound that impressive if you're thinking of a downtown area like that of Los Angeles proper or even little old Boston, but this is Santa Monica we're talking about. And here were these considerable clouds, rolling in heavily laden with moisture... and disappearing somewhere around seventh street. I went straight from downtown out to Staples, which is just outside of Santa Monica in LA--about 35 blocks from the ocean--and the sky was totally clear overhead. Pretty amazing!

As things cooled off the clouds did a little better on their inland progress, and by a couple hours after sunset they settled in nicely all over town, and all the way down to the ground too. It's fun bring inside a cloud: it reminds me of Ithaca. Visibility is about three blocks, I'd say; two, closer to the shore. Wonderful cool too.

Still no news on the website move--Earthlink is holding on to my domain registration with a grip of iron I guess. Maybe I should give them a call. One thing I know, though, when I have MT on my own server Ima add a little customization feature that'll provide a seperate 'weather' field for each post. If such a thing is possible. Which I think it is.

And one final note: I took Leah to work at one, right? And she's still there. She expects to be until midnight! Poor thing. Good thing I take such good care of her.

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