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watch it, okay?

You know you're in trouble with your diet when you start lying to your online Weight Watchers portal. Like, those three cookies? They were pretty small, so i'll call them two cookies. If i don't, there'll be no more points to fit in that 18-oz glass of wine which i'm calling one serving. Hey, i put it in a BIG glass!

WW Online isn't even like a real person. I could enter my weight as 103 next week and the computer-generated algorithmic text would be like:
"CongraTUlations, LEAH, you have reAched Your goaL weigeht! keep wOrking hArd to maIntain yo'r acTivity and visIT a WEIGHT WATCHERS meeTing in yoUr ARea!"

Either that or it would be like:
"Suck it up, you big fat liar! Fibbing to the internet will not make your husband more attracted to your fat, lumpy ass. Straighten up and fly right, otherwise we're kicking you out of the club!!! And i KNOW about those cookies!"

Woah, Weight Watchers, that's harsh.

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