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How do people generally manage to keep potatoes for any length of time without them going bad in some way? I was under the impression that they were supposed to have a considerable shelf life; isn't the idea that you harvest them before winter hits and then feast on them all winter? I would love to feast on the ones I harvested from the grocery store, but sadly they're all growing sproutsósome of them have reached a length of several inches! I'd just cut off the eyes from the ones that've barely sprouted, but I'm told that they're actually poisonous at that stage. It has something to do with their relation to deadly nightshade, I'm sure. I'd hate to be cut down in my prime by a poison potato, so I decided discretion is the better part of valor and made broccoli instead. Now all that's left is to dispose of the approximately seven pounds of bad spuds we have in various places around here and procure a new bag for further storage experiments. Any suggestions?


Seven years in Idaho and this is what I have to show for it: Store them in a paper (burlap is better but not a typical household item) bag at ~45 degrees (garage or basement) away from onions to avoid spoilage of both. But keep in mind, the potatoes have already been stored this way since September before they even made made the trip to your supermarket, and it is almost spring so they kind of want to sprout now anyway. And do just go throwing the sprouted ones away...put them on a little stand and they make great no-maintenance bonsai trees :)

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