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We know Milo

I sat down this evening to do some serious channel flipping, and i landed as i often do at 5:30pm on Gilmore Girls. Luke was having a heartfelt conversation with his son, a young ruffian motorcycle-type who wins the heart of Rory Gilmore. A boy who can't make it through a high-school education but still manages to speak in paragraph-length sentences. What a wity dreamboat. What a rebel. And then, like a flash of lighning, it hit me...

"Holy Shit!" i exclaimed, "Peter Petrelli??!!!"

Indeed (as imdb kindly confirmed) Milo Ventimiglia who plays the now famous Peter Petrelli in NBC's Heroes is one in the same with Milo Ventimiglia who incarnated Jess Mariano from 2001 to 2006 in the ABC dramadie Gilmore Girls. Once again, this proves that i am the awesome at recognizing people on tv. Actually, that's an understatement. Once on the street i recognized Alyssa Milano from the back side portion of her head. I recognized Alissa Milano's EAR. THAT'S how good i am.

I feel this vindicates me from the two unique instances when i slipped at my craft, the instances that family and friends often point to for mockery solely because they are the only two misidentifications i've made, out of thousands of correct pairings that my synapses have produced. One was that time that i confused Renée Zellweger with that girl from Chasing Amy. The other was when i thought the girl cop on Heroes was the same actress as the girl who played the friend on Joan of Arcadia. She wasn't. But that friend from Joan of Arcadia, actress Becky Wahlstrom, she WAS on CSI, i'll have you know, and it was me who positively identified her when Dan asked, "Why does that actress look so familiar?"

And Milo "Peter Petrelli" Ventimiglia? He cut his teeth on Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Although i don't remember that from the show. That tidbit comes straight from IMDB. which stands for I M Da Bomb at this. Where this is this stupid game i just made up. And the "at this" is silent.


oh my god!!! i always kept wondering where i'd seen peter petrelli, he's jess from gilmore gals!!! how could i forget that??

btw, good job!

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