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free as in beer

You know, free beer just doesn't get any love. A long time ago our house-mate Ashley had a dinner party and one of her friends brought along a couple 24-packs of Amstel Light. Since everyone else had come with a bottle of wine or two, only three of the 48 beers were consumed that evening; we managed to put away maybe five more over the next week or so. The rest have had a tough life of it, I'm afraid I have to report.

First, they were shoved into the corner of the dining room, where they sat for some time. Later, they served as a riser for the food and water dishes of Ashley's dog (a St. Bernard) for a while, until she remembered to bring the bowl holder back home. When we cleaned up we put them down in the basement, where I tripped over the boxes more than once. Finally, Ashley had another party in the beginning of February, so she brought them up and put them out on the back porch to chill and be available should anyone want beer that had already been through so much (I don't think she advertised their condition, though). They are still out there today, having endured snow and sleet, sub-zero temperatures and thaws, pouring rain, and direct sun every sunny day between sunrise and noon.

How do you think they taste now? I'll check tomorrow.


Can't wait to hear about that beer...poor things, they've led a tough life. And as for the look of my own blog...I'm in the process of trying something different, but I didn't have time to yeah, if you have any suggestions for design or have the spare time (ha!) to create a new skin for me, go for it!

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