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happy birthday Oona!

Oona is fortunate in that her birthday follows mine so closely. Surely March is the best time to have birthdays! It's even better in Seattle, perhaps, because there the beginning of March is more closely associated with spring, itself undoubtedly an auspicious time to be born. Here, not so much; although today was an encouraging early sign. I might even go so far as to call this afternoon's weather a harbinger. The morning was not—the computerized thermometer (the only one we've got, so modern are we here at the squibix household) read 4°F when we took the dog out for his walk at around 8:00—but by late afternoon when Rascal wanted to play in the yard, it was warm enough that when he lay down to chew a stick I set myself down next to him. Next thing you know it'll be time to break out the hammock! Unfortunately all our pretty flowers, like the ones pictured in Oona's post linked to above, tried to bloom in December. So I don't know what their going to do when spring comes around for real.

You will note the degree to which Rascal determines my schedule. His looming presence on top of this blog (in this season's style, anyways) is an accurate representation of his role in our lives.


Thanks for the birthday wishes! And yes, March is an awesome time for birthdays ;-)

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