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what happens at the ed school?

Sometimes getting a graduate degree can be strangely juvenile. Today we got to color and cut things out, we got to talk about what animals we'd like to see at the aquarium, and we handed in our holiday charts (describing notable features of a particular American or international holiday, and decorated in that holiday's colors). Sometimes it's not so much, like when I had to write a research review and decode language like, "A multivariate analysis of variance was completed to compare performance between the NL and SLI groups by age on the NWRT, digit span task, and the PPVT-III." (You'll be happy to hear that "Results (Pillai's trace) revealed a significant multivariate group effect, F(3, 96) = 19.48, p < .0001, &#956;² = .429"). It seems to me that, at either extreme, these activities are only tangentially related to making us good teachers, but I suppose we're having fun with all of it.


man, i would totally go to grad school if it involved coloring and cutting things...not so much the decoding language part :D

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