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blogging + money = success!!!

As she mentioned previously, Leah has got her foot in the door of the professional blogging business. I guess we both do, really. We are involved in the project linked as ITGumbo BETA!! in the sidebar over there; it's a blog network focused on the IT community that Leah is managing and I am cursing at Movable Type for. As the capital letters indicate, it's in "beta" right now, which means it's getting there but isn't quite there yet. To help us know what needs to be improved, she put together a little survey for folks to take. She presents it thusly:

If you ever read technology blogs and have under four minutes to spare, you could really make a difference in the future of the internet by taking this short, humorous, and not-annoying survey about the website

ITGumbo is a new blog network where IT professionals and enthusiasts can get advice, start their own blogs, and meet like-minded individuals. The beta version is viewable at Please take the survey here:

I'm giving away a $50 American Express gift card to a random person who completes this survey. If you happen to be the only one who takes this survey, your chances of winning will be 100%!

Since we're unfortunately ineligible for the prize (well, no one ever said so but it seems logical, doesn't it?) we thought we'd throw it out there for you all to have a go at. Serious—or at least semi-serious—responses only please: our honor is at stake!

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