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happy Workers Day

Only problem is, I'm not a happy worker. More of a sleepy worker, really. Leah and I are both in the home stretch of our semesters, which means we're either doing homework or moaning about how much homework we have to do. It takes some of the enjoyment out of life, I have to tell you. At least some of the projects we have to do are kind of fun: I just made a brochure and poster for my class on disabilities (you can see a little picture of the poster down at the bottom of this post), and I got to fully employ my design powers in the service of school work for the first time ever. I also fully employed Leah in laying out the big sticker sheets that I used to put the design on the posterboard, because she's much better at that sort of thing than I am.

She's also much better at PowerPoint; so much so, in fact, that she recently won a cool thousand dollars in a contest to create a marketing piece using that regrettable piece of software. It's a pretty awesome presentation, so she clearly deserves the cash. See, not only is she an analytical powerhouse, she's also a hot marketer and designer! Potential employers, start making room now: she graduates B-school in just one year.

The best part about the $1000 (from my perspective, at least!) is that she's donating half of it to me for my discretionary spending. I'm sure I don't deserve it, but I did turn her on to the possibilities of stock photography... which was probably what won her the contest! So, maybe I do deserve it after all. Stock photography is pretty awesome; just look at how I used it in that poster.

When I presented it, my school chums all told me how professional it looked. I had to tell them I cheated by actually being a professional at the brochure-making. It's not really fair, I think. My future projects will be even better looking, because I plan on putting my ill-gotten $500 towards the Adobe CS3 upgrade. I was going to get it anyways—how could I resist—this just makes the purchase easier.

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