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A mass email from Juan to all Babson Students:

Hey all:
I am pleased to announce the winner of the first marketing contest:
Leah Archibald, so help me congratulate him when you see him at Olin. Leah will receive U$1000 dollars from our sponsor.
Thanks to all the participants.

It's just more evidence of the institutionalized patriarchical mind-set in business, thinking that a contest winner would have to be a man, a man with a name pronounced like "Lee" or "Leigh." In fact, I am going to deny acceptance of my prize money in protest of gender stereotypes at Babson College!!!

Bah HA HA!!!!! Just kidding! You can call me by any pronoun as long as you don't call me late-for-my-one-thousand-dollars.

Congratulations to me for making an award-winning powerpoint, and also to Dan for watching that award-winning powerpoint slide by slide for two hours to help split-second synchronize the animation. I split the prize money with him because he looks cute with his shirt off and I am 50% generous.


An explosion of posts on the squibix family blog! May is already a winner, but not as much as Leah is.


Nice job Mr. Leah!!!

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